Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

 A leading institution in higher and continuing education committed to engage in quality instruction, development-oriented research, sustainable lucrative economic enterprise, and responsive extension and training services through relevant academic programs to empower a human resource that  responds effectively to challenges in life and acts as catalyst in the holistic development of a humane society.


The College Logo signifies the vision of CHMSC as a leading academic institution in the fields of education, science and technology, symbolizing its role in promoting national progress and sustainable development through quality, relevant, and accessible education to Negrense students.
         As illustrated, the logo incorporates the various facets of the College. Its official colors of tangerine and navy blue symbolize the dynamic and creative pursuits of the academe; the seal of gear with spokes represents technology and industry as the main thrust of the College since its conception as a trade school in 1954; the book technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in science/
and the torch signify education; the smoke-belching edifice denotes the mission province in particular, and the nation as a whole; the anvil and hammer stand for dignity and labor; and the laurel and the year 1983 indicate the historical year of converting the school into a State College by virtue of Batas Pambansa 477.
          The College Logo is a prominent seal of CHMSC that truly epitomizes its role
in uplifting the lives of Filipino people embodied with competence, integrity, and
concern for a better society.                                                                        


          Carlos Hilado Memorial State College shall primarily provide higher of active and unequivocal participation in the socio-economic development of the agricultural in industrial fields as well as short-term technical or vocational courses. It shall provide research, advance studies and progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.